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    Skull Canyon Graphics Output Problem


      Up until now, everything has been good with my new Skull Canyon.  Yesterday, I ran into an issue.  This is an HDMI connection from the NUC into a receiver and then into a display.


      Yesterday, I installed Alien Isolation. When I ran it, audio started but no graphics appeared. The receiver then reported "no signal." The screen was dark.  I was able to get back to Windows Home screen by hitting the Windows key.  I did this several times.


      When I eventually rebooted, the Windows Desktop would not appear. After the NUC logo, the screen went black. My receiver is reporting "No signal" to the display. Note that "no signal" means that no signal is being received. If an incompatible signal is being received, that would have been reported instead. I assume the the NUC's HDMI port is not outputting anything to the receiver.


      I was able to boot normally on other displays but not on this primary display and receiver. If I bypass the receiver, and plug in HDMI directly to the display,  it also works.


      The receiver works fine with other sources. I tried different cables and different inputs. The problem remains.


      On another display, I uninstalled the Intel graphics driver.  It installs the MS stock driver.  This combination works with my receiver but at low resolution. But, when I reinstall the Intel driver, I again lose the signal.  


      I have run out of ideas. I can't understand why it had been working but now it is not. 


      Does anyone have a suggestion?