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    GPU throttles down at 77°C


      I'm puzzled by this right now. My graphic card is an Intel HD 520 btw.

      Since I got this computer the graphic card has been throtteling when it reaches 77°C (http://puu.sh/p0vWH/2e8af348cc.png btw I'm hovering the mouse on the hottest moment of that chart) and I think it shouldn't do that at such "low" temps while gaming.

      It even makes my games and the graphic driver to crash if I try to alt+tab (this time I even saw the screen full of artifacts which was weird) it always throttles at 77°C so I can game for a random amount of time before it just craps out and throttles itself.


      The card mostly mantains the temperature around 71~75°C while gaming but you can imagine how annoying is that if for any reason it reaches 77°C it just dies on me.


      I hope somebody knows why or how to fix this