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    Empire Earth game random freezes.


      Empire Earth game random freezes. When it freezes u can control and game but all other stuff like graphics are freezed completely and not moving.


      * in recorded video mause don't move, but it actualy moves for user in monitor, sorry i cant atach it intel doesnt let it in. I atached image how looks crash.

      * Completely No artifacts

      * Freezes even in game menu sometimes

      * Game works fine when i change graphic card, but there are alot of users having same isusue,

      and they cant change graphic card.

      * Game worked before with old drivers (but as freezes are completely random i cant realy ansver to this).

      * Freezes ususaly apear after 1minute of gameplay.


      OS Win 10

      Graphics 510 Driver:

      Procesor pentium 4400

      Kingston v300 ssd

      4gb cruicial ram.


      Game works on old computers.