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    i7-4790K failure, unable to submit warrantly claim


      After spending a few weeks troubleshooting my issue with my system no longer booting I have come to the conclusion that my trusty 4790K has failed. I have tried to submit the following information into a warranty claim only to be presented with an error once this information was submitted.


      Processor: i7-4790K

      Motherboards: Gigabyte Z97X-UD7 TH, Asrock Z97 Extreme6


      On my Gigabyte board the processor would not let the system POST. The LED error indicator on board would not even display a number and would send the system into a constant on for about 3-5 seconds only to power off for another 5. This would repeat endlessly. Once in a while it would allow the board to begin the POST process (nothing displayed on the monitor, however) only to return to the power on/off cycle.


      Thinking it was the Gigabyte board going dead initially as they are known to do so I purchased a new board, the Asrock but upon reassembly with this board it too would fail to POST. It would occasionally cycle on/off like the Gigabyte board but mostly would just display the error "00" on the LED display with none of the other LEDs to illuminate. Similarly to the Gigabyte board, the Asrock would sometimes go through the POST process only to fail back before boot with nothing on the display.


      I acquired a used inexpensive Celeron processor for testing and both the Gigabyte and Asrock boards would POST and boot normally. I returned the i7-4790K back to the Asrock that was currently setup and failed to POST once again.


      What should I do now?