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    D2000 Kit Battery is CR2032. But is it CR2450-slot-ready?


      I see the coin cell battery is CR2032, but on the other side a larger outline with "CR2450" is printed on the PCB. If I soldered a CR2450 slot on the empty side, is it already connected so that it would work with the longer-life CR2450? OK, I confess I am hoping someone knows already so I don't need to download and examine schematics.


      If anyone knows (or cares to speculate on) the expected life in an example, that would be interesting to know. Unloaded, stuff on the board other than the Quark would also drain the battery, but since the Quark is ultra low power with sleep states, I can imagine this thing running a looong time. However, since output direct drive is possible at 12mA and 16mA, it gets more interesting. But the CR2032 is just 220mAH, and with one drive operating at 12MA, the Quark/power on LED together are....can't seem to find this on the product brief, but I did find that the ADC info on the product brief for D2000 MCU contradicts itself. In one spot is says it's 2.28MSps, then in the table it says it's 2.4/2/8/3.3 MSps, depending on resolution.

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          Hi Lynnette,


          I was looking at the D2000 documentation, first for the SoC alone and then for the Development Platform, and I wasn’t able to found anything related to the CR2450 available spot in the back of the board. However, checking the Schematic of the Development Platform (image that you can see below – page 10 of the document) there’s a spot for an extra battery that says BT1 EMPTY and it seems to be connected, now what I consider strange is that it says CR2054 instead of CR2450 as can be seen in the back of the board. Let us investigate this a little bit more.



          Regarding the Product Brief, I took a look at the document and you’re right, at some point it says that there’s “19 input channels for ADC, 2.28MSps SAR ADC with selectable 6/8/10/12” and then in the table it mentions some more possible MSps data. However, given the nature of the document I believe it is just mentioning a possible configuration, not its only or final configuration. But I understand that it can be confusing.


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