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    NUC6i5SYH high idle temperature


      When I first got my NUC6i5SYH the idle temperature (i.e. after boot, or with minimal CPU usage) was in the low 30 degrees Celsius. After a while I started using enable_rc6=0 for graphics stability and upgraded BIOS versions, and then the base temperature climbed to around 50C. I assumed this was due to RC6 leaving the CPU/GPU in a higher power consumption state thus heating everything up. (Not to mention temperatures go up to 75C under load.)


      Now that I've upgraded to 4.6 kernel and the RC6 hack is no longer needed (yay!), the temperatures are only slightly lower, around 45C.

      WTF happened to my low temperatures? Did something in the default BIOS cooling options change while I was upgrading? I want my low temperatures back, dammit.


      Right now my cooling profile is "balanced" with all the default values, I never changed any of that configuration by myself.