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    Integrated Graphic won't display text during startup


      My DZ77GA-70K board with integrated graphics no longer displays startup text.  This means I cannot use the text bios setup, or the text boot drive selection screen, or the bios update screen, or the RAID configuration screen.  I have tried updating Intel Windows graphics drivers and updating the Bios. I have tested the monitor with another computer and that is fine.  Since updating drivers or something else has caused Windows to hang during startup, and I can't see the screen to boot to another drive, so this is not a good situation.  I can get into visual bios, but only sometimes does it allow my mouse to work, and when it doesn't it is very difficult to navigate with a keyboard, and I haven't discovered a method to change the non-check box settings by the keyboard.


      When the display should show text, the monitor says it has no input and goes to sleep.


      Originally the sequence was like this, with fast boot optimization:

      Power up computer

      Display comes on

      Display shows POST text, keys to enter BIOS/Boot selections, etc

      Windows graphics shows


      Then when text stopped working it was like this:

      Power up computer

      Screen stays asleep until Windows graphics begin


      When I removed the fast boot optimization, it was like this:

      Power up computer

      monitor is asleep until Intel Graphic displays

      Monitor says no input while RAID configuration should blink on

      Monitor shows Intel graphic again

      Monitor says no input again

      Windows graphics begin


      By now, Windows hangs, or else it never gets to Windows, I don't know, it just says no input on the monitor and the monitor goes to sleep.


      I have tried changing settings in the graphics section of the BIOS setup, changing minimum memory, setting the IGD selection to auto or manual, etc.


      Any help would be appreciated. 




      Core I5 3550K

      2 x 8GB Kingston Ram

      Antec Neo ECO 620C power supply

      ACER H213H display, HDMI, 1920x1080


      Thank you