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    NAS SS4000-E Advise which kind of raid should I use




      I know I should make my own decission but maybe can someone give me some advice. I'm using the nas as a 'family' nas. I have 6 users (6 family members) and the following folders:

      - pictures (everybody R/W)

      - MyMovies (8 mm films)

      - software backups

      - etc.

      - home

      - public

      - usbdisk1

      - usbdisk2



      - I have used RAID5 with 1 spare but I don't know if this is the best solution for this situation.I see know that the three disks are not hot-swapable. But is that a problem? Why should I want that they are hot swapble? I thought that Raid5 then the disks are hot swapble... Is that better?

      - When should I use the public folder or what is the goal of the public folder?

      - Toshiba USB HDD 500 GB Hard Drive, 3,5'' ( PX1394E-3G50 ). This has a 'bridge', but is not recognized bij the NAS. An 'normal' usb doesn't give a problem. The NAS recognizes the bridge of the USB external hard disk but it is 'outgrayed'. Has anyone an idea why it is not recognized by the NAS?


      Thanks in advance.



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          1)  RAID 5 has nothing to do with hot-swap.  The unit itself does support hot-swapping drives, though.  See the user guide at http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/ss4000-e/sb/CS-022215.htm


          2)  The 'public' folder is just the default shared folder.  See the above user guide for that, too.


          3)  Check http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/ss4000-e/sb/CS-022212.htm for the list of hard drives that the NAS will recognize

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            Oke, I'm futher.

            point 1:

            - Raid 0 and 1 seems to me no option to use it. In this situation you use the nas more as disk space but not for data protecting against loss.

            - Raid5 seems to me the best solution. The data is protected agains lost and you have the most space available. If the NAS is not a week available because of 1 disk is corrupt is for me not such a problem.

            - Raid5 + Spare is more or less the same as Raid 5 but this configuration must be used if you must deliver 24x7h support.

            - Raid 10 I don't know in which situation this should be used.


            Point 2:

            - What I don't understand what kind of data should I put in this partition? Of become this partition only important when you use active directory authentication? And wherefore then?

            - OR when you want to use FTP, is it only possible to access the public folder by FTP?

            - AND is it then so, when you create user account, this user get also a part of the public partition like the home partition?


            Point 3:

            I don't think that it is the HDD but the 'electronics' around the harddisk. Because USB = USB seems to me? Or is the external HDD to big (500Gb)? I think I'm not the first one with such problem or....


            Sorry, I like to understand why such a things work or doesn't work?