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    Intel Visual BIOS 2.2.17 seems to be missing features


      Greetings. I am trying to learn how change some of the voltages for the graphics processing unit however it seems that the settings in the BIOS version that I have are much different from any of the tutorials that I have seen online. I see no feature of 'Overclocking Assistant' as seen in other versions. Also some of the text in the visual bios settings describes features which I see that are not present.



      As stated in the photos above there is reference to a diagram, which I clearly cannot see, in contrast to the key features seen here: https://sites.google.com/site/visualbios/tutorials/overclocking-tutorial

      that beind said, I did find other screenshots of the same bios here Intel NUC5i5RYK NUC Mini PC (with Broadwell) Review and saw that it looks the samw , which leads me to ask, how do i get all of the functionality as seen in previous versions of Visual Bios?



      I have combed over the Internet searching high and low for tutorials or even some kind of documentation on how to use this version of Intel visual bios, but have found no such documents.  I am wondering if something is wrong with the version that I have, or if some features have been removed in this version


      running Visual Bios 2.2.17 on Intel NUC 5i7RYH

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          I’m sorry that it took me some time to come around to this post and to be able to help you.

          These bios settings are expected on this Intel NUC, overclocking is not available and supported if you need a system to overclock you will need the Intel® skylake NUC to have the multipliers available for you to do overclocking.

          I’m sorry I gave you an answer that you didn’t expect to hear.

          Best wishes,