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    Microsoft BitLocker doesn't work with BIOS on NUC5PPYH


      Dear Intel Support Team

      I'd like to enable Microsoft BitLocker to encrype my OS disk on Intel NUC5PPYH but I received error message: "The trusted platform module on this computer doesnt work with current BIOS. Contact the computer manufacturer for BIOS upgrade instructions."

      I 've tried to fix by :

      - Updating BIOS to latest version (PY0053) downloaded from Intel .

      - Checking BIOS info: Intel Platform trusted technology is Enable, UEFI is Enable

      - Windows Device Manager shows TPM 2.0 module is working properly. Device provider is Microsoft.

      But the error still showing everytime i try to turn on Bitlocker on my PC to encrypt OS disk

      I need your help

      Thank you