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    Internet-of-Things Edison online display


      I've set up one of my Edisons as an Internet-of-Things online character display.  It runs nginx, and is available at http://internetofthorazine.com/ .  Because it's an Edison and is capable of doing so, it also runs a tor hidden service ( http://thorazinem77uvaz.onion/ ) and an i2p hidden service ( http://myxfbhx63wnszji3dfcustscnztlkxclpvbus6iqcr3e3p5xpstq.b32.i2p/ ).


      It uses three 128x64 OLED displays driven over I2C, with an I2C multiplexer to switch which display is being written to.  It also uses an MCP23017 for I2C GPIO, to flash some bright pink LEDs whenever anyone updates it.


      And of course, the website overlays the current display on the photo, so what you see when you load the site is what the device on my wall is actually showing.


      Anyway, while this is certainly not a very practical use of an Edison, it's probably the most fun I've had with one in a while,.