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    Advanced options of graphic card



      I have Compute Stick STK1AW32SC, with Windows 10 32bit and I'm using it as my car's multimedia center. I find this device excellent to this job. It is connected to 7inch LCD, I have Sygic maps and Spotify installed, and obviously mobile WiFi hotspot with LTE connection. Everything is integrated with my radio, using external ARM device (self-made PCB, connected via USB), and it pretends to be CD changer. I get all frames from radio controls on steering wheel, so actually i don't even need to use keyboard or mouse very often, because most of use cases are automated.

      I would like to ask you for some advice, this is not a bug, just I can't do it as I expect: I mentioned that i have 7 inch LCD, which is true, but since i decided to replace stock 6inch LCD without destroying my dashboard, some parts of LCD screen are hidden by a cover. And here's the deal: Is it possible to change displayed area using HD Graphics drivers? I am able to do this on my desktop with NVidia's and on my workstation with ATI's card, but it seems like there is no such option in Intel's driver. What i need is to scale display (about 80%), and move it to closer to right and top (my screen is not exactly in the middle). So far I use scripts to change width and height of each application, but I can't use full screen applications, or access Start Menu or toolbars of application that were not resized. I think, that my problem is not solvable, but still i think i can just try to ask

      Just to add some details, LCD is some kind of China 1280*720px display (similiar driver's data sheet can be found there http://www.haoyuelectronics.com/Attachment/HY-101-HDMI-A/Driver%20Datasheet.pdf but this is for 10 inch version). LCD controller does not allow to resize display. The other thing is, that it pretends to be FullHD, so i have to set 1280*720 on my own.

      Any input will be appreciated!


      Sorry for my english - I'm not native.