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    Project across flash and OTP flash


      It would be convenient to have a project build across both of the memory spaces of Flash and OTP Flash to provide 40K for the project.


      It is not so bad to have to tell the linker to force certain modules into certain sections.  But it should be linked together.  In the existing BSP examples the links between the OPT Flash and the regular Flash are handled manually (ie entry_point = ... etc).


      Does any one have a windows build environment that handles this already.  The linker scripts would be fairly straight forward for me to handle (loading start code at 0x150, loading a heap of 0xff at 0 etc) but i do not have a path for getting the resulting code into the target device (D2000).  I could probably split the elf file into two binary segments but do not have a path for getting these into the target-  Or a path for getting an elf file containing both segments into the target.  It would help dev if this was automated.


      It seems it would be a common requirement (ie extending the program capacity by 25% for free) so wondered if some one else had already crossed this bridge and could save me some effort :-)