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    NAS SS4000-E home folder




      If have understand it right when I create a user then this user is getting a volume in the 'home' folder. I think that is right or not? But how much space does he get? Or does it work in the way of 'full = full'?

      Let say home directory is 500 Gb (instead of 200mb). user1 takes 450 GB and user2 takes 13Gb en user3 gets for example, the rest.Is this the way it goes? Or can I configer in the way like:

      - user1 gets 250Gb space 'for his user account'

      - user2 gets 150Gb space 'for his user account'

      - user3 gets 100Gb space 'for his user account'


      And second: can I get an overview in the GUI how much space at the home dir is left? And how much space the individual user uses?


      Thanks in advance