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    ECC memory support by non-Xeon processors


      Does any Intel processor, outside the Xeon line, support ECC memory and if so which ones?


      I have found a number of questions and answers regarding ECC memory support by various non-Xeon processors (e.g. Does Core i3-3250 support ECC memory or not?ECC support for 4th Gen Celeron, Pentium, Core i3?  ARK says Yes, Datasheet says No), however the situation seems somewhat murky and unclear.


      The Ark lists a large number of processors that support ECC memory (ARK | Processor Feature Filter), the majority of which, as one might expect, are Xeons, however there are a lot of non-Xeons in there as well.  Which non-Xeon processors are listed seems at times quite random however.  For example, there are 23 4th gen Core i3 procs listed, no 5th gens, and 9 6th gens.


      Why would ECC memory be supported by 4th and 6th generations Core i3s, but not 5th generation Core i3s?  That makes no sense.


      One finds similarly odd patterns if one looks at the other Core line processors, while there are no 5th generation Core i3s listed, there are 2 5th generation Core i5s (and also no Core i7s).


      Also, as noted by previous discussions the technical datasheets for the Core family do not say anything about ECC memory (e.g, 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family Datasheet, Vol. 1).


      I have been considering a Core i3-6320 for my FreeNAS system (for which I want to use ECC memory), so I am particularly interested in the answer for that processor, but there seems to be a more general issue here that should be resolved.  The result of the query about the Core i3-3250 (linked above) was that the information in the Ark was wrong.  Given the odd pattern of which non-Xeons are listed as ECC compatible or not it seems like the accuracy and consistency of the information in the Ark is a more general issue, and there will continue to be queries about ECC compatibility until it the information in the Ark is verified and clarified.  My inclination (despite otherwise preferring the Core i3-6320) is not to trust any of the information about ECC memory support on non-Xeon processors.