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    Strange Case of Dr Intel-Jekyll and Mr Intel-Hyde


      Intel Small Business blogged in January 2016:


      "You might be resisting because you're worried Windows 10 won't work with older computers. But rest easy, it's backwards compatible, meaning it's designed to work with older and newer computers alike. Upgrading your hardware can be expensive, so start with a free operating system update."


      This implies one of two things:

      1) Intel will supply all necessary device drivers for its motherboards, old and new.

      2) Microsoft will supply device drivers which will work as well as ones for W-7 and W-8/8.1.


      But we know the first is not true because of the many comments from Intel support personnel explaining that graphics before Ivy Bridge will never have W-10 device drivers, not to mention officially supported ones for chipset, management engine, Ethernet, RST, etc. And we know the second is not true because W-10 starts searching for appropriate device drivers upon first boot -- and never finds them.


      So why did Intel Small Business make its statement?






      P.S. I'm not complaining about Intel's support policy, as other vendors are not supplying W-10 device drivers for all old boards.