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    Which Raid controller for my Motherboard?


      I work with videos and i'm getting out of space... so I need a big, fast storage volume, but a NAS would be too expensive to me.

      So i was thinking about buying some 8TB hard drives and putting them under Raid 6 inside my PC with Windows 7 (or i can upgrade to 10 if needed).

      My motherboard is MSI X79A-DG45 (8D) with an Intel I7-3930K CPU.

      Many researches on the web suggest me that i need a Raid Controller...so here are the key features:


      • Is there any Intel Raid Controller compatible with my motherboard i can use to accomplish this? Plan B is to upgrade the Motherboard.
      • I would love to keep the storage outside the case, in a drive bay.
      • It must be scalable. Now i'm planning an 8 8TB hard disks in raid 6, which means 48TB available, but in 3-4 years i might need twice that space...and i would love to simply buy more hard drives and connect them.


      What could you suggest?

      Thank you