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    NAS SS4000-E Problem with e-mail alerts; (and what kind of e-mail alert will be send?)




      I have bought the NAS4000-E and I want that if there are any problems that the NAS generate an alert. But when I press the button Test e-mail, I doesn't receive a message on my e-mail account.


      SMTP smtp.versatel.nl (is the smtp of my e-mail provider)

      Authentication: my username/password of my normal e-mail account. I have tried with and without authentication


      Source e-mail: I haven't changed this (root@localhost)

      Target e-mail: my own e-mail adres.


      I think there is not much more to do or....


      Can anybody say what isn't correct?


      And a second thing is there a list or overview of the alerts that will be send?


      Thanks in advance