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    MRAA with Java


      Hi all,


      I'm starting to program through the Linux and discovered the MRAA lib. I managed to install on the Debian Wheezy i'm using, and seems to work fine with C/C++, the examples I compiled and executed worked. But my goal in using MRAA is Java. But everything I try to compile/execute involving of mraa and java, doesnt work. Running pre-exported JARs I get this error: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no mraajava in java.library.path. And compiling a .JAVA through javac it doesn't find the main class ( there IS a main class - code attached). Can someone help set up the lib to use with java projects?




      PS: I used this guide mraa: Building libmraa to help me build the MRAA repository

      EDIT: Updated the Test.java code


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