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    Intel Edison - Simulink Support Package




      Our startup Abstrana just added basic support for Intel Edison to Matlab/Simulink and decided to share it with the maker community.



      1. Download the Hardware Support Package here: http://www.abstrana.de/21-2/produkte/
      2. Extract the downloaded .zip folder into your Matlab path and include all the folders and subfolders in your Matlab directory using “Set Path”.
      3. Open Simulink and create a new model.
      4. Click “Model Configuration Parameters” and select the tab “Code generation”.
      5. One you clicked “Browse…”, you can now select “edison.tlc - Intel Edison Target”.
      6. When selected, an additional option pane “Target” will appear in the left sidebar. Here you have to put your SSH settings. Please make sure, you have a working connection between your host and your target. Additional information can be found on the Intel Edison webpage.
      7. Make sure, your current MATLAB path is the demo folder of the support package.
      8. From now on, you can either open the sample application in the demo folder or just run your own model by pressing the “Deploy to hardware”-button.
      9. To run your application on the Edison, just type ./Simulink in the Putty command window.
      10. To run the example, simply connect a toggle to pin J20-5 and a LED to pin J20-4.




      If you are a private person without comercial interests, feel free to use/modify/extend this hardware support package for Simulink.