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    Missing boardconnector for Skylake NUCs and fanless cases?


      Following discussions on other forums and looking through the new updated 3d-models of the Skylake NUC boards it seems they are still missing the connector for an external on-switch?

      The removal of this connector is what makes them incompatible with Akasa Newton S6 for instance and it also seems that Streacom and HDPlex are not going to be producing chassis for this version of NUCs.

      Does Intel plan to rectify this missing connector in future updates of the boards?

      Is it going to be the case that these connectors will be missing from all future boards and hence 3rd party manufacturers need to position a button on the case to match the onboard button?

      Why does Intel not release its own fanless solution if there is difficulties in keeping the specifications that 3rd party manufacturers use up to date?

      As of now I feel out of options to get a fanless case for my NUC which was one of the primary reasons for getting it and I was relying on getting the Akasa case.

      Akasas website still lists them as compatible.