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    Intel HD 5500 resolution change


      Hi Support,


      I have Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 3 Touch Laptop and Lenovo 2323p monitor. Since the monitor is 2K and the laptop monitor is 4K, we have to adjust the resolution to 1920x1080.


      We always found the laptop use "recommend" resolution (2550x1440) when I unplug the monitor and plug the monitor again, it cause the resolution change to very small and the icons run to another place. Any hints we can remove the recommended resolution to make the drivers always detect 1920x1040?





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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello, jackyyau:

          There is no setting in our driver that will automatically change the resolution each time you add your monitor or TV to the desired resolution. Your computer will automatically choose the native resolution of your built-in screen and then will adjust the resolution for the external screen based on the native resolution, you will have to choose the resolution that you want to work with. From the Intel® Graphics Control Panel you can create and save profiles so when you connect the external display or TV, you can change to the saved profile and have the desired resolution.


          For further reference visit: How to Use Intel® Graphics Profiles.