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    i5 3470 on b75 3.391mhz on clock


      I changed one z77xd3h by b75m dgs 2.0 for use in my i5 3470, however the mother board z77xd3h I got 3.691mhz on game / stress, now in b75m dgs 2.0 I only get 3.391mhz (3.4GHz) in some games using the processor is 100% and my vga 60% (gtx 980) causing performance loss , in the options of the mother plate changing self to the maximum not get any different result .


      I have another solution to get the neck of the CPU without having to switch to an i7?

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          Both motherboards are different manufacturer so they can have different features, if you get different results with two different motherboards that can be expected and it does not mean this is an issue with the processor or an issue at all, at this point I can suggest you to contact your motherboard manufacturer for a possible BIOS update and bios configuration.
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