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    Accessing External RAID 0 Set after reinstalling Windows XP


      I have a customer that had (2) RAID 0 sets, (1) for operating system (2 150GB drives) and (1) for data (2 1TB drives).  FYI....I know this is a stupid configuration but I am coming in after the fact.


      The customer had a failure on the operating system raid 0 set and decided to reinstall the operating system.  During reinstallation he did not press F6 and install the raid drivers and this resulted in a single drive being accessible after reinstalling Windows XP.




      1.  Only (1) drive is accessible as standard SATA and the data RAID 0 set is displayed as a non-raid disk when running the ctrl-i BIOS configuration.  The goal is to save the data previously stored on the data RAID 0 set.


      2.  I attempted to install Matrix Storage Manager but it returned an error indicating the system did not meet the minimum requirements.




      1.  Is there a way to install the appropriate RAID 0 driver w/o reinstalling Windows XP?


      2.  Will the data RAID 0 set be accessible or is the existing data no longer accessible after reinstalling Windows XP?




      Windows XP

      Intel D975XBX Motherboard

      Pentium D Processor


      Just to reiterate, I did not configure the RAID 0 configurations or install a Pentium D processor.  I am just trying to help this customer get access to the data on his data RAID 0 set that is currently inaccessible.