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    HD 530 HDMI - No AUDIO from front R & L Speakers via DENON AMP.


      I just purchased a Gigiabyte Motherboard with Intel Graphics HD 530 on board. I plugged it into my Denon Amp via HDMI and set it up in the PLAYBACK DEVICES as one of the 5.1 Settings, but even as I test the Speakers, the FRONT LEFT & RIGHT speakers wont play the Audio, I can see the Green Bars move, but that's about it. All of the others work. I have updated Drivers, but so far, nothing from those two speakers.


      I had been using the Denon for a few years now with my last HTPC build, and it worked great using passthrough for DTS HD MA and all other HD formats, so I know everything works on that end, just cant get the HD 530 to give me audio from those 2 front speakers, so not even a basic Youtube video will give me audio..


      I was able to put in a BluRay movie and it did play DTS HD MA just fine, but STILL those front speakers wont put out any Audio. I even double checked the Speaker Wires to make sure they were nice and secure.



      Any Ideas on this one??? I am a little surprised such an advanced sound controller would have problems with something so basic..



      Thank you,