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    Intel HD Graphics on Intel Core 1st Gen Processor


      I am using Lenovo Edge 15 0301 JKG Laptop




      i3 1st Gen

      8 GB RAM

      500 GB HDD

      15.6 Display

      Intel HD Graphics Adapter

      While using Win7 I never faced any issue of hanging or laptop getting stuck most of the time. But after upgrading to Win 8 & 8.1 I started facing issues, first I thought that the issues are hardware related so I changed RAM, processors added more thermal paste to heatsink and left the bottom cover always open but still faced the issue so I was out of option and I started finding heatsink fan for the laptop as that was the last thing I didnt replaced and that was not available in Pakistan. Then I upgraded to Win10 and have had same problem the fan rotating on very high RPM's and my laptop getting stuck sometime after a min and sometime I can use it for longer period if I dont play games or do anything graphics related.

      Win 10 got an upgrade and I tried to update but it was not happening so I contact Microsoft support and they did some changes and that got installed and with it the issue of fan rotating at extreme speeds got fixed and I was happy but the stuck issue remained as it is.

      I again went to microsoft to see if they can help and found the same issue as mine at MS community and after discussion and posting my dump files to a support person the final verdict was that the display drivers are making issues they verified it by running "verifier" and comparing the dump files before and after.

      I was instructed to find an updated driver and install that to fix the issue but after 3, 4 days of banging my head here and there didnt found any solution so the last resort is to contact you people and let you know about the issue and ask you people to resolve.

      Please let me know what can I give to help you understand my issue.