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    Is the socket LGA 2011-3 identical to socket LGA 2011-v3?


      Are these two sockets identical and interchangeable for the same thing, or is there some difference? My ASRock X99 Extreme4 motherboard says it's socket is LGA 2011-3 but I wanted to use an Intel 5820K CPU that says the proper socket is LGA 2011-v3. Am I good to use the Intel 5820K CPU in the ASRock X99 Extreme4 motherboard? What is the preferred terminology? I see that Intel uses the term LGA 2011-v3 for some Xeon processors but not for the 5820K CPU. Please tell me if I am good to use the Intel 5820K in my ASRock X99 Extreme motherboard? Tell me, are there motherboards I can't use with a listed LGA socket of 2011-3?