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    Intel Edison - kernel recomiling for sleep mode patch



      I was trying to patch the Intel edison kernel for the issue while trying to put edison into sleep for the second time as mentioned in this post Putting the Edison into and taking it out of Standby?


      So followed the steps http://shawnhymel.com/724/creating-a-custom-linux-kernel-for-the-edison-yocto-2-1/

      Downloaded the edison-sec-ww25.5-15.tgz andfollowed the steps upto bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig

      after that I edited the


      so that the edit is incorporated in this patch and this will be applied while recompiling kernel

      then did

      bitbake virtual/kernel -c clean

      bitbake virtual/kernel -c compile

      bitbake -f deploy virtual/kernel


      bitbake edison-image


      after that I ran the ./flashall script to flash Edison, and when I tried echo -n "mem" > /sys/power/state two times it failed to put edison in sleep for the second time..

      Am I missing some steps while recompiling the kernel ? (please pardon since I'm new to linux yocto compilation)