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    Sound drivers linux 8086:22b8




      I'm building a page on how to configure Debian Linux on the Asus T100HA. I need the firmware for the Sound card (8086:22b8), and software for the webcam, which i think is 8086:22d8.

      I've put a post on the Ubuntu forums as sputnik_uk at this link: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2313209.


      The graphics drivers seem to be supported by the 4.6 Kernel, but if there is any software necessary i would appreciate it. I'm going to share a custom kernel. Also Ubuntu 16.04 crashes  whilst connected to wifi, Debian doesn't.




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          Please bear in mind that you are looking for sound drivers for an Asus product and Intel does not provide drivers for Asus computers. According to the product specifications, this is realtek sound solution, you need to check with Asus for Linux drivers or contact the Linux flavor community for driver availability.