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    D2000 ISM OTP Code rebuild


      I am starting with a Hello World project in Eclipse ISSM.

      There is a section of the source for the otp rom in bsp\soc\quark_d2000\rom

      And there is a binary quark_d2000_rom.bin


      But the binary does not get rebuilt.


      The source provided in the binary will not be suitable in our application as we are not using an external xtal.  I don;t know what is in the binary.


      Can any one assist with how to rebuild this code?

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          There is a 'make rom' option you can use to rebuild the OTP code from the command line.

          This is described in the BSP Release Notes - Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller D2000 Software Interface BSP: Release...


          By Default the new ROM will be ../bsp/1.0/build/debug/quark_d2000/rom/quark_d2000_rom.bin. You can move this to the .. bsp/1.0/soc/quark_d2000/rom if you want to use ISSM to flash the new ROM


          There are additional command line options for building/flashing in the Intel® System Studio for Microcontrollers: Getting Started Guide and on  GitHub - 01org/qmsi


          When using the command line you need to make sure to set the environment variables ---   'source issm_env.sh' in the ISSM root dir on Linux or run the  issm_env.bat on windows.




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            Thank you.  You have provided some helpful information.  I ended up constructing my own command line project to make an OTP ROM image.  Ultimately because I think we will need to make full use of the 8K I will create a project that builds them both together and allows me to just force some bits of code into one memory section or the other.  As it stands the connections between the two segments are quite clunky.  Hopefully code will operate seamlessly between the sections.


            I referred to "Intel® System Studio 2016 for Microcontrollers User and Reference Guide" that came with the eclipse platform. I missed it in there.


            Thanks for the pointer to github.  Previously I had been directed to businessportal.intel.com but it seems some of the the github stuff is more recent - is this the case or can you point me to the right spot on the Intel site.

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              The Github contains the latest released version of Board Support Package -- the main difference from the BSP contained in ISSM is that is provides some Intel® Quark™ SE SoC early support.

              For D2000 there were only a couple of minor bug fixes.


              Latest released ISSM version can be downloaded from - Intel® System Studio Microcontrollers | Intel® Software


              There is an updated ISSM package with an updated BSP but it currently only available under NDA - If you registered for updates when you downloaded ISSM you will receive a notification once it is released.