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    Reduce power consumption in Edison


      I'm currently working on an embbeded project using the intel edison, but we have current consumption limitations in our design. My question is if it is possible to reduce the power consumption. I've disabled unnecessary kernel modules and services, but it's not enough.


      What I really need is to lower the CPU clock frecuency, disable HW modules, set low power modes through the ACPI...


      From what I have read in posts (last year's post), there is no official documentation or information about configuring the ACPI to enter low power modes. I was wondering if there has been any updates on this subject. Or, as a workaround, is it possible to lower the CPU frecuency clock manually through configuration files, and/or disable HW modules? For example, my application does not require the quark MCU, and I can't tell if it's being powered or not at boot.


      Any help will be appreciated.