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    Does Intel have plan to update graphics HD 4000?


      I want to know about an Intel's future plan about supporting graphics HD 4000 (the 3rd gen of i7 chip).

      I think current driver works fine with windows 7, however, after I "upgrade" to windows 10 OS, many application programs just present me no more than black screen.

      I tried to re install all drivers, and especially Nvidia's external graphics driver.

      After several trials and searching of other community, my laptop's graphic crash is blame to faulty driver from intel.

      I pateintly waiting for 2 months, but, there are no note about driver update for earlier than 4th gen.

      I want to know about Intel's plan for my internal graphics driver...

      I love windows 10's virtual desktop, but for the sake of productivity -photoshop, some video games, some applications needed full screened, they show me just black screen!- I have to move windows 7 again.