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    TDP of i7-6700 and i7-6700K


      Hello, I wondered about the TDP of those two CPU´s, because both where tested for their Power Consumption (SilentPCReview 6700-6700K) and the result was a ~7% better Performance for the K-Version but ~5W less Power Consumption for the non-K Version concluding to a mere ~1% better efficiency for the non-K Version.

      I do know that TDP does not equal Power Consumption of a CPU, but 95W TDP against 65W TDP in Terms of Heat do not match the Picture given by the various Testresults, especially if you take Temperature Comparissions between i5-6600k and i7-6700k in account (KitGuru 6600K-6700K).

      Both CPU´s have the same TDP, but in all Comparissions I have seen so far the i5 runs cooler then its bigger brother and given the fact that the i7 consumes more power the conclusion why the i5 runs ~12° cooler is not so far away.


      When both K-Versions have a TDP of 95W and the i7-6700 consumes only few Watts less then its K-Version, how can it possibly end up with a TDP of 65W, does someone have a comparission between temperatures of both i7-Versions at Hand?



      This brings me to my next Question:



      Can I lower the TDP and Performance of an i7-6700K to the values a non-K i7 would have by undervolting and cutting its frequency to 3400Mhz+Boost?



      Thanks for your answers