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    Screen flickering when cell phone 60-70cm away




      in our office we have 2 PCs (one HP EliteDesk and one Lenovo ThinkCentre, both with an i5 6500) with the same screen flickering problems which seemed to be occuring randomly. Both having 2 screens connected via DisplayPort.


      Yesterday i found a way to reproduce the flickering reliably with both PCs:


      if I take my mobile and force it to use a 2G* connection and make a call (or let someone call me, doesn't matter) and put the mobile with an active call closer than ~70cm to the screen it starts flickering.

      the closer i put the mobile to the screen the worse it gets (from flickering lightly to to going complete black).


      *the mode which creates these buzzing noises in a speaker close to an mobile with an active call. 3G connections do not show this problem.