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    Intermittent cutouts from Intel Nuc


      Since upgrading my TV from an LG full HD set, I'm experiencing some intermittent cutouts from my Intel Nuc whilst displaying movies or TV shows.


      My setup is:

      Intel Nuc D54250WYK

      Denon AVR-2113

      Samsung UE55JS8005T


      The computer is connected to the amplifier via mini-HDMI to HDMI, and the amplifier is connected via Samsung's connection box. Neither the amplifier nor the computer appear to have any issue with 4K-content, and the cutouts occur regardless of display resolution.


      The cutouts occur only whilst displaying media content in full screen, and we do not have any issues when we watch regular cable TV (which is also switched through the amp). This, along with the PCM-symbol on the amp cutting out when the picture and sound cuts out, leads me to believe that the computer is having issues delivering the contents. However, I'm unable to properly diagnose it, as it doesn't follow any pattern. We just finished watching Game of Thrones (streaming via HBO Nordic), and the picture cut out on quiet, slow scenes, and worked fine during scenes where I would expect the bit rate to be higher.


      Firmware and drivers are updated, and I'm at a loss where I should turn next for correcting this issue. Any suggestions would be welcome.