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    Intel Galileo Gen1 problems with arduino code


      I'm just getting started with Intel Galileo board. I used the blink example from the Arduino IDE and uploaded it to the board.

      The transfer was complete but the on-board LED did not blink.

      So I thought maybe LED isn't working and hence tried to print on the serial and check it on the serial monitor. That didn't work either, all I get on my serial monitor is "* B0100000063f694 � "


      I have two Galileo gen 1 boards and both shows the same thing. I don't have any SD cards plugged in, neither am I using anything on the GPIOs. The code I used is following,


      void setup() {

        pinMode(13, OUTPUT);




      void loop() {

        digitalWrite(13, HIGH);



        digitalWrite(13, LOW);





      Can anyone please help me with this issue?