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    Problems with DDR 400MHz memory when using dual channel and 2 GB RAM


      I have a D865PERL dekstop board and have been using it with NO problem for several years.  My video card died in my desktop and I replaced it with one that is much better than the old one and when I tried to start up my desktop, it wouldn't boot.  The floppy, both optical drives and the hard drives were showing operation but no boot up.  I was using dual channel mode for my memory and had 1GB of total RAM, 512M in Slot 0 of channel A and 512M in Slot 0 of channel B.  As I stated it has operated for several years in that configuration.  I finally at one point removed the memory in Channel B and the desktop booted right up.  After much frustration and trying pretty much every combination, I finally had to switch to Single Channel mode and put my two 512M memory cards in Channel B in order to re-gain operation with 1GB of memory.  Now for the real question, when I put two more  512M memory cards in Channel A, the desktop will no boot up.  It did twice then just refused to do so.  I ended up removing the memory cards from Channel A and again it booted up and works just fine with the 1GB of memory.  In fact that is what I am using to send this.  As I recall this desktop board should allow up to 4GB of DDR to be used.  ANY assistance will be appreciated

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          Check the power requirements of the new video card. Is your power supply adequate?

          How old is it? It should say its rating and brand/model on the side.


          The new video card may run with 1 stick of RAM, but 2 sticks could be overloading the supply.


          If the video card box says it needs 400W and you have a 2-year old 400W

          power supply, it may be too weak since power supplies get weaker over time.


          See if you can borrow a friend's powersupply that is well above

          the minimum requirements.  If you need a new power supply, buy a name brand as they

          are more reliable - get one that is 100W more than

          the video card says it needs. (Some brands: OCZ, Corsair, Coolermaster, etc.)


          And, make sure that the necessary power connectors for the video card are connected to the

          proper cables.

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            Thank you for your reply.  It operates with 2 sticks of ram but only in the B channel and only in single channel mode.  I have changed the power supply 3 times thinking the same thing.  The card recommends a 300W power supply, I have an ANTEC 400W supply.  I even removed all but one of my cooling fans with no change, thinking they might be drawing too much power, I have 3 cooling fans plus the CPU fan.  If it is a power problem, it is a very strange one.  I pdut the exact same 2 DDR memory modules in Slot 0 of Channel A and Slot 0 of Channel B and the PC will not even boot up.  I can put those same exact 2 DDR modules into the Slot 0 and Slot 1 of Channel B and it works just fine.  Problem is that this is a very in-effecient way to use memory and it slows my system down.  Not to mention with only the 1G of memory it doesn't work as efficiently as with the 2G I originally had in it.  Since power supplies are not all that expensive I guess I could get a 500W supply and give it a try.  It just seems strange that, if it is a power problem, it would not work with the two memory modules no matter where they are placed.


            Again, thank you for you help

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              Manually setting the speed (timings) of the RAM in the BIOS - often AUTO can screw things up. Set voltage to specification 2.6 up to 2.8



              Try RAM in diffferent slots:


              Channel a slot 0 with B slot 0 or 1 or 2


              Then swap the modules, putting the b012 into a0

              and moving it around to b, 0 1 or 2 again.



              The most recent BIOS release notes indicate that there has been a fix

              for using large amounts of RAM.  Perhaps you want to consider flashing the BIOS

              if your version is not the most recent.



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                I will check the BIOS, I had downloaded what I thought was the latest from the Intel site but now am wondering about that.  Regarding swapping the memory modules, I did that for every configuration possible for a long time and the only configuration where I would even get the 1G of memory to work is in single channel using channel B to hold both modules.  However, I am going to put in a larger power supply and flash the BIOS again.  Between the two of those surely that will take care of the problem.


                Thank you again

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                  Let me know if that resolves the issue