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    frankenstein's server?... or that's what its becoming


      In the beginning.... i bought a SE7520JR2 with dual 3.6 ghz procs, recently I got a asr26xxFHR that is a passive PCI ex riser (x16, x8, x8) now I should have asked a few questions but is a little late. The riser fits the adaptive slot as I new it would but I think there may be a few setbacks. I need to get a case and may be stuck(?) with the SR2400 but I cannot get enough info from the intel support pages...


      Can anyone help me get this board running? I have yet to get a case and PS let alone memoery and disks. The end goal is to have a blistering PC for computing as well as play a couple of games.


      It should be noted that this is my first foray into the world of rackmount equipment from an assembly standpoint.