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    Type of Intel Broadwell processor that supports 16 COS registers


      As far as I know, the Intel Processor D (previously called Broadwell processor) can support at most 16 COS registers for the cache allocation technology. So I want to purchase a computer that has 16 COS registers on its Intel CPU.

      According to Intel's manual, the maximum number of COS registers is stored in the lower 16 bits of the EDX register as the output of the CPUID.(EAX=10H, ECX=ResID=1) instruction.

      My question is:

      1) Does anyone know which type of Intel Processor D can support 16 COS registers?

      (If you happen to have a Processor D processor, I really appreciate it if you could run the cpuidinstruction and post the output of the cpuid.)

      2) Can I use the cache allocation technology on a desktop computer with the Processor D CPU?

      I searched around for a long time but didn't find any place that list this type of information. :-(

      Thank you very much for your time and help!