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    No HDMI out -  NUC6i3SYH




      I am frustrated. I have/had three NUC6 i5. The one with SSD storage.


      I am running windows 10. I have updated all drivers (video and other).


      The unit works perfectly for a few days. But when I return home after being away for a day or 2, there is no signal out via HDMI. This has happened to three units i a row. I have returned them to the distributor here in Sweden, and they also have no luck in fixing them. What is happening? I do not feel too optimistic about getting a fourth unit.....

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          Does a reboot get the display back? If it does, I would suggest that the issue may be with the adapters/cables you have between the NUC and the monitor/television. Many adapters and adapter cables break the communications between the NUC and the monitor/television, making it impossible for the NUC to realize that the monitor/television is asleep or for the NUC to deliver the signal to wake the monitor/television.

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            Hello, Sportstugan:


            Could you please let me know the following;


            • Intel® HD Graphics driver version installed. Please go to Device Manger> Display adapters> Intel(R) HD Graphics right click on Properties and then go to Driver, you will be able to see the version installed.
            • BIOS version.
            • Cable brand and model.
            • TV brand and model.




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              No reboot gets the display back.


              Connection to TV is HDMI cable to a Sony HT-NT3 soundbar, and from there to TV HDMI1 input.

              Its a Philips TV, model 74xx, possibly 5 years old. Do not know what brands or types of HDMI cables there is. But both previous times no one at the retail store has managed to get picture through HDMI with spanking new TV-sets or cables. I've also myself tried several different HDMI cables, and also tried to connect it directly to the TV.


              The unit stands on top of a shelf, in a temparated room with a lot of air around it.


              Unfortunately I do not know Intel HD graphics driver version, as I cannot communicate with a computer without the display.


              I did update all drivers on the NUC after I set it up, and it worked like a charm.


              I did not update BIOS, and I do not know BIOS version.


              Windows 10.


              All times I tried everything from following BIOS rescue option instructions from you here on Intel, I've opened the NUC and taken out and reinstalled SSD and RAM:s.


              As hardware set up has been the same all time, and the unit has worked perfectly for a few days I don't know about that.


              The common factor has been that HDMI has malfunctioned after the unit being left alone for +24 hours, whereafter nothing will bring it to show any NUC splash screen or anything on startup via HDMI. It has not always been the first time it has been standing "untouched" for +24 hours.