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    [Windows 10 / NUC6I5SYH] Blue screen and black screen on reboot.




      I have a NUC6I5SYH with :


      - SO-DIMM DDR4 Kingston HyperX Impact 4 Go, 2133 MHz, CAS 13

      - Samsung Série 850 EVO, 120 Go, M.2 (Type 2280

      - WD Black 2.5" Disque dur interne 500 Go 7200 RPM 32 Mo

      - Windows 10 professional x64

      Yesterday i was watching a film and sudenly i got a blue screen your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart we're just collecting some error info.

      After the restart i got a black screen (i don't even have access to the bios). And now i'm stuck.

      I think its probably an issues with the bios or the graphic drivers. Windows 10 probably did an automatic update that went wrong. Or the graphic is in sleepmod and cant go out.


      My question is : How do i fix this ? I can't format whitout seeing something. I tried to réinstalle the bios with an usb by removing the yellow bios chip. But it didn't help.