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    Am I on the latest drivers?


      As a preliminary step to asking for help on this forum for a different problem, I wanted to make absolutely sure I was on all the latest drivers for my Intel devices. In the process I downloaded and ran the Intel Driver Update Utility, which told me my 'Intel Chipset Device Software' was out of date, so I allowed it to download and install the latest version.


      After my original problem came back in a couple of days, I ran the utility again, and it told me again that my chipset driver is out of date. I double checked the version the utility was telling me I needed to download, against the one it downloaded last time, and they were a match.


      Inside windows Device Manager, I manually checked the driver versions for anything that had 'Intel' or 'chipset' in the name under the 'System devices' heading, and could not find anything with the version number that the utility lists as my current 'installed version'. I did however notice a curious device listed with the name 'Legacy device', and checked it's driver details as well.


      When inspecting the device properties, the general tab says the device is manufactured by Intel, and lists the location of the device as 'on Intel(R) Z97 Chipset LPC Controller - 8CC4'. The details tab shows the version number the utility flagged as my currently installed driver version. 'Intel(R) Z97 Chipset LPC Controller - 8CC4' is also the name of another device under the same 'System devices' heading, which shows the version number of the driver I downloaded last time from the update utility.

      So my question is: What is this 'Legacy device' that shows up in device manager, and should I be concerned about it showing an older version number? If the update utility keeps telling me my chipset driver is out of date, is there some other way I can verify that I am running the latest drivers directly?

      FYI: My OS is Windows 10 Professional 64bit

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          A common occurrence that I hope you get a good answer on.  The Intel Driver Update Utility is notorious for telling you that you need to download "new" drivers and software when you've just done that very thing moments before.  Even though you've updated everything to the latest version available it continues to prompt you to download and install the same thing over and over again.  It makes no sense whatsoever, but it's been doing that since its earliest version.  Hopefully one of the Intel folks will explain such crazy behavior or even better, fix it...

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            I understand Intel is working on new version of the Intel® Driver Update Utility, I would recommend checking release dates on post # 7: https://communities.intel.com/thread/101457
            Hopefully this will fix with new versions.