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    Intel HD Graphics - 4:3 Resolutions have Black Bars after Windows 10 Upgrade


      4:3 Resolutions in games appear with black bars surrounding them.


      I upgraded to Windows 10 about 6 months ago and I saw that in games I used 4:3 resolutions for (800x600) I saw that I was getting black bars on the sides of my screen. I uninstalled Windows 10 to my previous Windows 7 and it was fine again.


      However, yesterday I upgraded to Windows 10 again and I thought that the problem may have been fixed. I load up CS:GO which is using 4:3 and 800x600 and I still see this 1" thick black bar on the left and right of the program when in full screen. I saw on another post that Ctrl + Alt + F11 fixes it but it also sets my Windows resolution to the same as my in-game one and when I close the game, I have to manually change the resolution back to my native (1366x768).


      I saw a post about some other people having this problem but they had an updated Intel HD Graphics and in their control panel, they had an option to Override Application Settings. However, I do not have any option saying this in my Control Panel for Intel HD Graphics.


      I would really appreciate any help. I have 30 days to make up my mind about Windows 10 before going back to Windows 7 if I have to. I just prefer Windows 10 aesthetically and because of faster shutdown and loading times.


      My Specs are below:

      HP Pavilion G6 1373-SA

      Intel Pentium Dual Core B960 @2.2Ghz

      Intel HD Graphics (This is literally all it says but I did a quick Google and apparently it is based on the Intel HD Graphics 2000)

      6GB RAM

      650GB HDD

      Windows 10 Home