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    INTEL SKULL CANYON + advise on setup


      Hello world !

      I am buying an INTEL SKULL CANYON

      Can you expert advise me on the best setup for Intel Skull Canyon ?(please)

      My actual built after many search of repetitive content online...



      RAM: G.Skills 16GB (2x8GB) Dual Channel @ 2800Mhz

      (on the intel specification its only says 2133+..... does that mean its best to have more frequency @ 2800mhz ?)

      or there exist a threshold frequency for optimum usage ? is there a best optimized cas latency with the device ?


      SSD: SAMSUNG 950PRO (256GB) NVME

      is it best to go to the NVME PCI-E 3.0 x4 ? (approx 900~1500mbps read/write)

      [[[ is it worth to invest in this x2 more expensive ssd as the yield is > x3 or even > x4 read/write performance... ]]]
      what about the SATA & ACHI ?  (approx under ~600mbps read/write)



      Can the card reader be used as a hard drive to play games or run applications (with high read/write demands) ?
      or is it better to use the usb 3.0



      Does intel intend to make an external gpu chassis ?
      Can we have some leaks ?
      About then it will be available to the worldwide public... ?



      Thank you very much to elaborate on the main points..
      Hoping it will help others too
      Kind regards;

      God bless;

      Mr M.