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    List of possible events for IRST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) v14.8




      we are currently trying to implement a notification funtion in our software to recognize when IRST throws a warning or an error. As IRST always writes those events into the Windows Event Log, we hook into the event handler searching for "IAStorDataMgrSvc". For the implementation we have some questions:

      1. Is there a list of poosible events, that can be thrown?
        Unfortunately the only difference we could notice is the log's text like "Volume Raid1: Degraded." and of course the error level.
      2. Are the messages based on the system's language?
      3. Is a CLI (Command Line Interface) planned for v14.8?
      4. Is the a way to get information about the removed/broken disk like serial number, size, health state, etc. in C# or some kind of command line?


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