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    First Time Users. Questions -- batch 1


      I am a fairly experienced hardware user & software programmer.  This is my first time with the Edison however.

      I am using the Breakout board – great hardware - but I find a lack of information for first time users on the web.

      I propose to ask a number of simple questions on this forum that I think will help first time users get going.

      OK let’s start with a few blatant ones…

      1     Under windows when the breakout board is flashed an empty drive appears on windows. 

      What is the function of this drive?

      Can it be used to upload software to the breakout board?

      2     Lots of talk about the Intel IDE for software developement.  Nowhere could I find how and where to download it to work with the breakout board (plenty for the Galelio). Nowhere is there an example of say, writing a c program to flip the voltage of one of the breakout board pins and uploading it to the breakout board.

      3     Also plenty of write-ups about “bringing-up” WiFi on the breakout board.  In all cases they leave you at the point where you have a windows screen from the breakout board with the device name and IP address.  Nothing more! No URL line – nothing.  Where does the user go from there?

      If this unit is to gain wide acceptance there needs to be better instructions for typical first time users to get going.  That is how/why Arduino devices got going so quickly.  Catering to just hard core long term programmers etc. will just not do it. Will be just another notchy product. Outstanding hardware (as this is) will not catch on without a ground swell of support.

      Anyway I propose to be a typical first time user and start asking simple questions. More to come -- pending answers. Suggest others do the same.


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          Will answer one of the questions myself.

          I went to the SparkFun site





          and read through their excellent write-up -- wish I had seen it earlier! Anyway the trick is to download and use a program called WinSCP.

          Before you run it however you must setup the WiFi capability of the Edison board.  Use configure_edison --wifi.

          In the end you will get an IP address for your Edison. Mine was

          In your PC browser show you can see the Edison signon with a URL of (use your own IP address). 

          Then launch the above WinSCP using the configuration example from the SparkFun web site, include root & password assigned in the above configure_edison --wifi


          Still waiting for answers to the other questions


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            Hi monahanz,

            Check the answers for your questions below:

            1. The empty drive was used before to flash the Edison. You had to copy the Yocto image files directly in the Edison drive and then flashing the module through the Edison's console. This method is no longer used so this space is not used anymore. Now the recommended flashing method is through the Flash Tool Lite. This space is not used to upload scripts or store files in the Edison.

            2. This information can be found in the Getting Started Guide: https://software.intel.com/en-us/iot/library/edison-getting-started

            3. The guide shows how to set up a Wi-Fi connection. The screen that is displayed with the device name and IP address is just an example of a web page stored in the Edison module. What you do from there depends on your projects. The guide is intended to show how to connect the Edison to a Wi-Fi network, so the users can start developing projects that require Wi-Fi connection.

            Hope this information helps you.


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              Thanks Diego, that was most informative.

              On 1, the unused window drive....  You say: "This space is not used to upload scripts or store files in the Edison" is that because it will cause a problem or typically people don't bother using it.  It would seem like a cool way to transfer files across to the Edison and then from the Edison/Linux move them to an "internal" folder.  Am I missing something.


              On 2. Yes that is what I used. Came to some dead ends but after 3 tries got things working. I'm not sure where I went wrong the first 2 times.

              While on this It's still not clear to me why somebody cannot write a script that would do the whole thing start to finish for a beginner.  If Windows10 upgrades can do it, anybody can.  The script would ask a few questions and then end up with a WinSCP or PuTTY widow all done.  How hard can this be.


              On 3. I eventually discovered WinSCP and now use it directly to operate the Edison.  This should definitely be highlighted in the Edison "Getting-Started-Section".



              By way of helping others, besides this forum,  I found an outstanding writeup for Edison beginners at:-


              Topics are discussed the that I have not seen done anywhere else.

              Again thanks for your time and help.

              BTW, I will not be able to go further with the Edison board for a few days but  may have other beginner questions later on.



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                Hi monahanz,

                The space of the Edison drive is not required in order to use the module. However, another user posted some instructions in order to use this space to store files. If you are interested on it, I recommend you to check the following thread for additional details: https://communities.intel.com/thread/55510