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    S2600CP keeps rebooting before post


      I have a S2600CP with 2 e5-2670. when I received the motherboard, I booted it to check CPU and RAM and worked fine.

      Now, 2 weeks later as I'm assembling the server, the motherboard powers on for a second, then powers off(all fans spin for a second), if left untouched it will sporadically try too boot for a second and shut off(in a loop).


      I tried to remove CPUs and RAM and it beeps as expected complaining for the CPU.

      I removed the motherboard from the chassis.

      With a single CPU it behaves the same way, same with just one or two sticks of RAM.

      I tried a different power supply with the same result.

      I changed the CMOS battery and reset the BIOS.

      If I power up with the BIOS jumper set to "reset to defaut" and then boot, it beeps with 1-5-4-2 that is DC power loss.

      All the  PSU I have tested are 850W.


      Any idea?

      thank you for your time