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    Adafruit 2.8" TFT ili9341 based display for  Edison Arduino Board



      I know this topic was very old,but I still have questions about this.


      Adafruit ili9341 based 2.8" TFT display is fully supported in the newest UPM library 0.6.2 and mraa 1.0.0 . IoT - ILI9341 LCD | Intel® Developer Zone


      I followed Intel® Edison Kit for Arduino* Hardware Guide and I connect ili9341 TFT to edison arduino board  with SPI mode like this:


      edison arduino board                       adafriut ili9341 board

      A0 : GP44 (mraa31)     ----------->>>    CS_LCD(CS)

      D11 :GP43(mraa38)      ----------->>>    CS_SD(CCS)

      D3   :GP12(mraa20)      ----------->>>    D/C

      D5   :GP13(mraa14)       ---------->>>    RSET(RST)

      GND        ------------------------------>>>   GND

      5V   -------------------------------------->>>    Vin




      I program with Java like this:

      // TODO Auto-generated method stub
         short a=31;
         short b=38;
         short c=20;
         short d=14;
         upm_ili9341.ILI9341 lcd =new upm_ili9341.ILI9341(a, b, c, d);
         lcd.drawFastHLine(a, d, c, b);
         try {
        } catch (Exception e) {
        // TODO: handle exception


      Compile and upload to edison. It does not work for me.


      My question:

      1. The above is correct?

      2.Can I use some linux commands in Putty to show the status about the connection between edison and ili9341 ?

      Thank you!!