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    NUC5CPYH Windows-7 USB 3.0


      I'm attempting to install Windows-7 Professional on a new NUC5CPYH and I'm running into an issue getting the USB ports to work.  I tried the most popular method where you install the OS from a USB drive and modify the USB drivers using the Windows 7 USB 3.0 Creator Utility with no success.  Instead I simply put the new HD that I was using into a NUC5i5RYH and installed the OS from the Windows installation disc with no issues.  When it finished I downloaded the correct USB 3 drivers Download USB 3.0: Intel® USB 3.0 Device Driver for NUC5[x]PY and installed them. Everything appears to work great in the 5i5RYH, but when I move the HD back over to the 5CPYH none of the USB ports are working. Windows boots up normally and it will get all the way to the desktop view, but there is no way to navigate to check on things or make changes. Ideas?