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    Which hot-swap backplane is included with P4304XXSHCN?


      Putting together a part list and would like to know if the 6 GB/s backplane (iPC FUP4X35HSDK or FUP4X35HSBP) or 12 GB/s backplane (iPC FUP4X35S3HSDK or FUP4X35S3HSBP) is included. Looking to pair this with the RMS25PB040 raid controller and could use help with locating the raid cable as well. The Intel Server Configurator Tool really should be smart enough to select this cable for you depending on your selections. The configuration guide feels incomplete as it doesn't specify which backplane is included other than a generic description ("4 x 3.5” drive hot swap") while the SAS cable guide section does not show options specific to P4304XXSHCN.